The Project

Our Vision

To build a state of art housing and tourism facility supporting the development of the city of Gwadar.

Our Mission

To provide sustained development for a healthy and vibrant place with a strong infra structure base supporting diversified housing opportunities and a wide range of tourism as well recreation facilities for all.

Our Objectives

  • To adopt a well balanced approach for an integrated and sustainable development.
  • To incorporate sound planning values.
  • To maximize use of water front available around site.
  • To promote high-quality architecture and landscape design elements.
  • To develop it as the most livable place.
  • To support Gwadar in becoming an attractive destination city for all.


  • Project: Sangar Housing Project – Gwadar
  • Sponsored by: Government of Balochistan
  • Project Director: modafinil 200 mg online – Gwadar
  • Project Consultant: Consultants Group
  • Financial Status: Self Financed

Project Summary

  • Total Area 2500 Acres
  • Total Area (Phase I to IV ) 1900 Acres
  • Total Area (Proposed Phase V & Future Extensions) 600 Acres
  • Total Length of Roads (Constructed) (Above 100 KMs)
  • Width of Roads
  • Main Roads (Constructed) 132’ – 0”wide
  • Secondary Roads (Constructed) 66’ – 0” wide
  • Neighborhood Roads (Constructed) 33’ – 0” wide
  • Total Length of Water Pipe Line 300,000 Rft.(Approx)
  • Total Length of Sewerage Pipe Line 320,000 Rft. (Approx)
  • Under Ground Water Reservoir (Constructed) 600,000 Gallons
  • Over Head Water Reservoir (Constructed) 40,000 Gallons
  • Security Walls (Constructed) 24,000 Rft
  • Electrification Work
  • Desalination Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

Summary of Plots

1. Residential:

Phase Category Size of Plots
I-A A 1000 Sq.Yds
I-B B 600 Sq.Yds
I-C C 400 Sq.Yds
II-A A 1000 Sq.Yds
II-B B 600 Sq.Yds
III-A A 1000 Sq.Yds
III-B A 1000 Sq.Yds

2. Commercial:

Phase Category Size of Plots
IV Commercial 100 Sq.Yds to 5 Acres

Project Highlights:

  • It is a completely self-financed scheme.
  • Engineering design has been carried out after full soil investigation study. Soil bearing capacity on Koh-i-Batil is double of what is found in the coastal belt and has been found suitable for sildigra 100 mg
  • Design of utility services is based on most modern engineering codes and efficient utilities systems.
  • Development started in 1992 and continued till date covering different phases & activities.

Work Completed:

  • Roads – Approx. 90 km
  • Water supply distribution system -80%
  • Underground water tank (600, 00 Gal) – 100%
  • Overhead water tank (40,000 Gal) – 100%
  • Sewerage system -25%
  • 51 Acres of land has been allocated for Eid Mela in Phase V. the area is already being used for recreational purposes by the local population.
  • 100 Acres of land has been allocated for Tsunami Shelters & Eid Mela in Phase V.

Dual Carriage Way

  • 32 Feet (40 meter) wide road with two carriage ways of 24ft width each, 16 ft wide median and two service roads to serve the plots is the main arteries for Sangar.
  • The total length is 12.5 km

Desalination Plant:

  • Under Completion

Project Office:

  • The office of the Project Director, Sangar Housing Project was planned to be constructed at a central location for the ease of the general public.
  • The building with an imposing architectural design was completed in March, 2007at a cost of Rs.7.04 million. After furnishing and installation of equipment the building is fully operational since August 14, 2007.


  • The work on the street lighting has been started whereas major materials like cables, transformers, switchgear have arrived on the site
  • The QESCO has already agreed to provide electricity to project office and some street lighting from the existing 11kv line.
  • The site for Grid Station has been allotted in Sangar Phase-II.
  • The Grid station for Sangar Housing Project will be constructed by WAPDA through Federal Financing; however, the work on site has not started as yet. The completion of the Grid Station will take at least around 18 months.

Rest House:

  • The Rest House has been completed since 2009.

Land Documentation:

  • The Consultants Group (CG) has been commissioned to carry out documentation of plots allotments and transfers with a fool-proof and fully computerized system.
  • The allotment is ordered by the Project Director and papers are prepared by CG in accordance with the documents forwarded by the PD.
  • The transfers are the responsibility of the PD followed by actual documentation executed by CG.
  • The signing authority in all cases is the PD.
  • The record of each and every allottee and transferee along with plot detail is available on Computer with hard copies in files kept at the Project Office in Gwadar.
  • The detail of any plot can verified from Project as well as Consultant’s Office.
  • Special Facility has been given to the owners for Transfer at Karachi.

Current & Upcoming Development Activities:

  • Upgradation of Phase I.
  • Development of Football Ground.
  • Development of a Park at Corniche.
  • Completion of Water Desalination Plant.
  • Execution of Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Finalisation of Phase V.
  • Planning & development of water fronts.
  • Finalisation of alternate access routes.
  • Developing nurseries and green houses.
  • Construction of Guest Lodges.
  • Finalisation of Building Bylaws and Regulations.